SL Home and Garden Expo - Pink!

Today's Expo post is brought to you by the color "pink".  Now this very stylish Charlotte set from [what next] (mesh) comes in two other color palettes, but I chose the pink version. My choice partly reflected pragmatism as it matches this new Warm Paisley Kisses dress from Paris Metro so well. The other is that it is gray and rainy in my corporeal world and pink made me feel happy!

The couches feature an extensive animation menu including "Friends", "Alone", "Couples" and my favorite "Activities". You can knit or play guitar, phone or read -- the list goes on. You can purchase these pieces separately also and VIP members get a hefty discount on the complete set so check on that if you are an avid shopper. There are coordinating lounge chairs in the RFL vendors. The detailing is lovely as you would expect.

Urbanized went fittingly pink for the Expo with lots of pretty girlie items including this  mannequin which acts as a pose prop; poses by Glitterati. The painting (part of a set) is one of the RFL items and the hanging flower basket rotates slowly.

My matching green and pink pumps hale from uRbAn GiRl which has a GREAT logo! 

Most items (not the mannequin) come with color change menus where you can choose various tints and tones to coordinate with your styling palette. Shades of pink as well as off white are in the mix.

These birdcage candle holders are an example of some of the shades available.

Pose by: aDORKable and the furniture.

You might be wondering about the abode in these shots. See, I knew that! It is the 53 prim vista house from barnesworth annubis. It and the immensely impressive mullholland house (previously featured) are available at the Expo this week. So get over there and take a look!

And here is the exterior shot. Great angles and good proportions make this a stylish starter home -- or one for those of us that actually "like" smallish *wink*.