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Vain Hunt - Day 2 Take 2

Project Kiwi has a very cute UN Valentine (hence no red or pink) outfit for this hunt. It comes with highly textured "corduroy" type jeans with prim bottoms and a very cute cropped sweater. There are LOTS of layer options.

It is a very cute shop with lots of items worth perusing. So when you get there -- and when you see the kiwi pose stands you'll know -- give it all a look.

While the boots I blogged earlier today are still my personal favs so far, these from Domi's Designs are great if you are in the little girl mode or simply like cute things now and then. They have tons of details as you can see and since they came with a color change commands note, I am guessing that they can be altered a bit to match your latest attire.

The last boot style here is from Sentou Yousei. These are dramatically patterned with lots of studding details. They would be spectacular with a cat suit -- or maybe just that black leopard skin that I blogged yesterday. Shown here with the under sweater from the Kiwi set and the WoE jeans from yesterday. This pose is from CnS e-motion and one of several gifts from the hunt. Pose balls were included in the pack for you non-photo buffs.

Other gifts not shown included a house that looks like a box of chocolates (I kid you not), a very cute doll to put out for display if you are not prim challenged like me and of course more clothes.


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