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Vain Hunt - Wrap Up

Well I finished the hunt. I didn't find ALL the lips, but most of them. A few seemed to elude me even on second tries so I found another shop in the list and went from there. I think I only missed about ten, so that is pretty good. So here's the final post on the great KISSED hunt.

This outfit is from Cutie Honey which has lots of adorable girlie things including some very nice looking lucky chair items. The black crown is from the Black Canary and the hair is part of a huge assortment of colors from Audacity -- a great updo for hats and crowns and such. Shoes from Juicy (not in hunt).

And my last post for the guys is to let you know that there is a nice guy skin at Belleza. It has a tiny "beauty mark" that you can see next to my friends glasses. Shown here with another hair from MADesigns.

And that's it for me. Thanks to all the designers who participated in this hunt. The word on the hunt group is that many traffic counts went up 1000 points. I don't watch mine so I have no clue, but I sold a lot of bracelets and some clothing items so I am a happy retailer too.

I enjoy hunts. Maybe not quite this LONG a hunt. I mostly enjoy seeing new places and finding new photo ops. I found two new ones on this jaunt so I am a happy girl. And I love my new furniture. Changes are nice.

Now I need to go off and write a few personal thank yous to the designers.


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