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MALT Fashions: Part 1

While hunting and gathering on the Vain Kissed Hunt, I came across a store that caused me to say, "Wow!" Part of that Wow-ability was the diversity of design, the other part was that I had no idea this store existed. And, like, I'm SUPPOSED to know these things - LOL. I wandered around the store for a very long time trying to find that kiss. It turned out that it was SO right there and I was simply tired -- my eyes refusing to see it. The plus side of my long stay was a decision to contact the owner about blogging some of the designs.

Now I so don't do this. Actually this is the first time I have ever contacted someone to say that I really was impressed and I'd like to blog some things. A wise and renown designer told me once that if I found someone I really liked, I "should" contact them. So taking a clue from one of our retro queens, I did just that.

So here are some designs from MALT. I pretty much liked everything there. The variety is vast. So if you like the looks of these designs, you'll just have to go over and see for yourself!

The top dress is called Rah Rah and has a fun salsa-ish skirt that flows with your moves. And you'd want to move in this lovely number -- getting out on the dance floor and flaunting your stuff.

Paisley is an outfit with both cropped pant and a waist wrap sculpty details. There are a variety of layers and options and a shoulder wrap is included in case the nights turn chilly. On an aside here, take care with that "Add to Outfit" option that I use often. There is a shape included in the folder and I ended up in "who's that girl?" mode for awhile - LOL.

It can get chilly at night -- even in our virtual world, so having a really cute topper like this Callie Coat is a plus. If you are the brave type you could wear this over some skimpy shorts (wink), but I opted for these great dressy jeans with sculpty bottoms. Their official name? Loose Fit Jeans in dark. The jacket comes in a shorter empire version, with sculpt buttons on the collar piece -- and low and behold, it looks GREAT even with just the collar and cuff prims. Talk about lots of looks from one garment!

Hair by HOH; Poses by LAP, Shoes by Juicy.


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