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Vain Hunt - Day 3 Take 2

Whew! This is hard work :D I still have more places to visit. It seems like many of us trying to go from point A to point B in numerical order have been sent off in another direction a time or two . I have some holes to fill but that may not happen tomorrow. Mostly I'm tired :D

But, I have a very cool tree (with optional shadow) from YeeVoo Designs to rest under. Actually I don't have enough prims to really use it at my place so this is me resting on the sandbox after about an hour of unpacking and going through boxes. EDIT: I checked this morning after some reviving time and the great tree has only 8 prims! So it's just a physical space issue. Yeah. I'm so impressed. Aside from the very cute tree -- which I suspect has a pose in the heart pillow that just doesn't work in the sandbox -- I have this great outfit from Kar'Ona. It includes the extremely clever top, the fun capris and the accessories for hair and neck. The purse fits right in. It's from the Drama Diva and even has goodies inside it. It is filled (prim wise) with make up and other girlie things. So it's an especially fun accessory. And the outfit packed inside the purse goes VERY well with the Kar'Ona leggings and accessories. So double duty abounds.

And luckily those red pumps I mentioned earlier from Polina-Kaestner work perfectly with it all. Ah the serendipity! The skin shown is the tan shade of the skin pack from Rockberry. It has built in lashes, light all over freckles and big lips in a color that works very well for me. Yeah! The outfit will be great for shopping later.

There were lots of poses and pose balls in this section of the hunt as well as some things for the guys. Lots of variety here, so go forth and hunt!


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