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Vain Hunt - Day 2

I know that by the time all the Valentine hunts are over, I'll be ready to REST again big time, but right now I'm having a really fun time exploring new places, finding new shops and getting a few items I will most likely keep and wear for a long while. With over 12,000 items in my inventory it take a lot for me to go "Ahhhhhh" - LOL. But today was one of those days.

Are we ready now? "Ahhhhhhhhh ----". Mackenzie's Boutique, a tiny little shop with lots of sculpted goodness is giving away these fantastic boots. They are both sexy and classy with a deep red shine and black accents. Woot.

And -- it's so great to find things that go together during a hunt. It's difficult with so much variety and so many lovely things, but now and then it just happens. And today it did. I've seen this dress on the feed so I suspect you have too, but with these BOOTS? It's fantastic. The dress is from Baiastice and both fun and beautifully made. I was so happy with this outfit, I took it out for a walk so to speak to Festivale where I thought the circus atmosphere fit it to a tea.

I am very impressed with the scope of this hunt. I've been to some very unusual places. And while most of the fashion bloggers are showing you the clothes (we SO like to dress up) there are a myriad of other items including textures, buildings and a giant selection of scripted lighting fixtures and more.

Stay tuned.

Poses by LAP - natch.


Terry Toland said…
Oh, 12,000 items... I wish I could remember those days...

*pokes at her 70,000+*
Chic Aeon said…
Well I toss about 90 percent of all the items I blog. So that DOES make a difference. And then I've only just had a rez day awhile ago so it may be a longevity thing (wink).

Good to see ya Green.

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