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Vain Hunt - Day 4 - Guys

There are plenty of unisex items in this hunt and some nice gifts just to the guys. At the top of my "guy stuff" list is MADesigns. They've been around a long time I hear, but since I don't shop for menswear (wink) I had never been to their store. It is huge. Don't let that put you off from hunting. Just keep going through the floors and you'll find it. It's not hidden.

The MADesigns gift is a cornucopia of goodies (and not ONLY for the guys). There are two pairs of jeans, two bright colored shirts, several styles and colors of hair (Wonder and I are both wearing their hair here) and a big pack of eyes.

And that cute little shorts outfit I'm wearing? It's from Trixxy's Shop. A very cute arm band as well as a belt were also included in her gift. These are some of the nicest SHORT shorts I've seen. Lovely details. The couples pose balls used in this shot are from Mela's and are part of the hunt. Wonder's shoes are sadly not :D

This is the second set of jeans and tee from MADesigns. The hair shown is a lovely color, but if you need it darker for your look, it also tints very well. Wonder did that and donned his almost ever-present sun glasses after I took his picture. GUYS!

So, if your fellow needs some new duds or hair, get over to MADesigns and check that out. There are simply tons of lovely photographed vendors to look at. And find those lips!


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