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Tuli Hunt at Journey

Most of you know there's a hunt going on at Tuli's sim. There are little treasure chests scattered around, in and out, up and down, in crevices and corners -- you get the idea. I spent a few minutes gathering, and here are a few items that I found. There are many many more of course. This is simply a sampling.

Among the items shown above are:

Cable Knit Cropped Vest by Tuli
Skinny Pants by NOP
Long Sleeved Gray top by NOP (for guys and transfer)
Kalista Skin (Valentines in three shades) by Tuli
Quill and Thorns tattoos by CoLLisions
Pearl Rose Earrings by G Field

Hair by HOH. Poses by LAP.

Countdown: T minus 20 :D


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