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The Exotic Side

I don't do RP and I don't venture over into exotic realms often, but I have been a long time fan of ALB Dream Fashions. I love the local and elephants and the tents -- we'll I love a lot of it. So when I saw a Fashcon notice about a new dollarbie outfit, I TPed right over.

The outfit is called Featherstone and is only available to group members. It's free to join of course. Find it on a wall vendor mixed in with others. I am pretty sure it was on the first floor. There is a hat too which I'll blog another time. It is on the second floor for sure :D

The outfit comes in a colorful and earthy print with sculpty collar and flowing turquoise sash. There is a head piece also but that didn't work for me. Shown here with a very cute hair called Penny from MAU's & MEJ's and a necklace from Bliensen + Mai. Ah, I just noticed I lost the collar when I added the necklace :D -- so "optional" jewelry.

And if you don't like showing SO much skin, you can add tights (mine are from GLAM) and an undershirt, cami, tank or whatever your pleasure.

Remember you need a tag to buy this outfit. And while you are there, explore some of the surroundings. It's a great place.

Poses by LAP.

Countdown: T minus 9 :D


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