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Vain Hunt - Unusual Finds

Not all Kiss Hunt gifts are fashionista garb. The cute little cottage above is from VM Detail and Design. It comes with smoking chimney and a rustic water catchment system. This could be used on the ground or as a skybox. Just watch that gate if you're up in the air :D Shown here with WoE jeans and cami from the hunt. As always these are great jeans. They come in two layers with different sculpted bottoms.

This exotic black jaguar skin comes from Neko Elements. A male version comes in the pack too so you and your sweetie can growl together. Shown with equally exotic hair from Exxess (not part of this hunt). Pose by LAP.

Also in my afternoon fines was a big box of sculpt maps from Ghanie Lane. I spent some time looking at all the intricate work there and was impressed. Then I found a box maps for creators as well as a fun flying balloon for non creators. I can't wait to try both of them out. Other items included handcuffs, a meditation globe and Valentines Day card to give to a loved one.

And in closing for the day, I wanted to show you these terrifically cute socks from Worldwide Industries.

They come in a box with a nice shortie sweatshirt too. Oh my!


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