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New at Maitreya

Maitreya has a new early Spring line out and I was SO VERY LUCKY to win one of the group gift drawings. So, I have a chance to show you all the new goodies. And what goodies they are.

First we have the strapless Firefly top. I am wearing style #2 in small (that's the bust size and you also can choose medium or large). There are different colors and patterns to choose from, all tastefully muted and many layer options. The tops come with and without an AO. Yes, really! And it is a great AO with an extremely nice walk and several nice stands. Shown here with Glam metallic tights, Dark Eden boots and Love Chic bangles. Hair by House of Heart, skin by Tuli.

The Savoir turtleneck top is definitely a wardrobe staple. It comes in a large variety of colors. Shown here is salmon. Both sheer and opaque versions are included with a very long list of layer options. Paired here with the Cleo Jeans skirt in dark wash, it is both casual and classic. Shown with Dark Eden boots, Dark Mouse bracelet and Prim Optic glasses.

This is my personal favorite of all the new designs. It comes with three skirt styles and can be worn with short sleeves if desired. There are of course a plethora of layer options (wink) and tuck-in versions. Worn with a Maitreya belt (I made a new attachment point so it would work with this) and Juicy slingback pumps.

The Jewels jean skirt goes VERY well with the sweater dress top. It comes in two versions with and without belt and a larger size for hippier gals than me (wink). It is fully scuplted and looks very "real" :D

And for system skirt fans - especially those into a bit of retro -- there is the HighSkirt shown here in Heath. It's belt may take a bit of adjusting depending on your shape. And if you have some over the knee boots, the glitch pants are finished SO nicely with seams and wrinkles that you could easily wear them as part of an outfit. Double duty :D

This is a lovely collection and I am thrilled to have some of the colors in my wardrobe. Woot!


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