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Serial Dollarbies 'n Beauty

Lemania Indigo is retrieving her previous hunt items for a one time swan song. They will each go up for a day and then be retired forever. So a dollarbie a day for a very long engagement. Many of these will be new to lots of folks and if you ARE new (wink), it is a great and inexpensive way to get your wardrobe closet filled.

This first offering called Wheaties goes up on February 18th and will go down on the 19th at around 8 am SL time...depending on when Lemania puts out the new one.

I'll be showing you some of my favorites along the way. You can also join the group to get daily updates (I'm guessing with pictures :D ).

Today's outfit includes some cute textured system pants and a white top with prim accents. The flowered belt is sculpty as well as the collar.

While this is most likely not a NEW find, it is certainly fun -- a beautician's belt from Little Heaven. It is free and you can find it in the hair department with some other free goodies. You can also camp for hair and there are a lot of lucky chairs to check. And, if you haven't BEEN to Little Heaven, it is an experience in itself. Not gonna tell you any more than that. Turn your sound on though.

The hair shown is Nite-life from the newest release pack at Bewitched (see yesterday's post). Poses by LAP, skin by Tuli, shoes by Juicy.


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