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Vain Hunt - Go!

The Vain Valentines hunt is underway. I ventured over to a random merchant to begin my journeys. I'll backtrack to the beginning when things are a bit calmer. So, from the "middle" of the numbered pack, here are a few of my favorites.

Above is a really cute and nicely made casual lingerie set from Pink Outfitters. I am also wearing a pretty diamond and black band ring from AR Designs, a darling little hat (one of many gifts) from a fun new to me store called Tragic Nancy.

From Flashpoint Fashions comes this exotic silk set called Akysha.

I love the deep coral color. And you could easily wear the long glitch pants as leggings with boots and leave off the head wear if that is more your style.

The top is sheer but covers all the right places.

And from Callie Cline we have some cute and VERY shiny girlie flats.

They have heart jewels and fine black trim and would go with many of the young girl style dresses as well as black jeans and Tees -- the possibilities are endless.

Back to the hunt :D


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