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Good Free Stuff

We all like it -- that "Good - Free - Stuff". Whether you shop at the fancy stores or visit more modest shops, it's always nice to get some great things for very little Linden. Here are a few things you might check out.

The dress above is this week's dollarbie from Lemania Indigo. It speaks of spring rains and green promises and right now that works well for me. It has a low dipped back and the sleeves are optional of course.

This is one of several dollarbie offerings from Journey at Prism and includes boots as well as a super short and cute gray skirt. I especially like the sweater. Be sure and look for hunt gifts while you are there.

House of Heart has three new hairstyles -- all featured in this photo shoot :D That means there is a new release pack available for free in the store. So if any of these look like you, zip by and try them on. You might just fall in love. Shown here with my new Gypsy Soul earrings from Love Chic (yes shameless plug and not free but cheap - wink).


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