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Neo Japan by Chic

Well of COURSE I had to get over to Neo Japan (see previous post) and see what I could find. Benicia can't have all the fun. And I did very well also. The extremely -- EXTREMELY -- lovely dress is a gift from Pink Clover, the department store along side of the mall. Find the dress in a smallish vendor on the second floor near the dressing rooms. So pretty.

I checked the lucky board at Pink Clover while I was there and won some cute jewelry -- bracelet, earrings and necklace all included. I also found some free sunglasses in a mall shop (one of two styles shown) and I won a BUKKA Ipod which is fun. As you can see, I also found the hair. VERY cute hair IMHO.

The violet zipper tank is a dollarbie for JUST awhile longer at Elle, so get there quickly. This has nothing to do with Neo Japan, just a time crunch post (wink).

Have a great eve.

Countdown: T minus 15 :D


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