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Long Awkward Poses

A fashion blogger is a very sad girl if she has to stand in default avatar mode. I mean how many hands on your hips shots can you take? How many directions? That gazing off into space stance is -- well boring. Where would we be without our pose makers and animation experts?

I saw Nissa's post this morning about the Pose Maker Challenge. It seemed very fitting to do this post today. The "why" of that statement will be obvious a bit later in the day. Meanwhile, it is no surprise that I chose LAP as my poser to honor. You see those "poses by LAP" statements at the bottom of most of my posts. Not only does Dove make some great poses, she has always been very generous with her talents.

So here I am in the cutest corset set from Tokeo.Plastik, my Juicy slingbacks, Exxess hair and Tuli skin in the white room at Kyoot.

Takeoff is eminent!


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