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Boots and More

Just a quick post to update you all on M'z black boots at THIS location. I checked back this morning to see if the boots were still in the chairs since there is an "until Feb 28" notice above the chairs. Indeed some of the chairs had been changed out, but the black boots on the lucky board were still there. Not only that -- Another chair and board have been added. So that is five in all and boots in two right now. The chairs change quickly so this isn't a TP your friends in kind of watch as rezzing will take longer than the chair time (wink). But it's worth the wait.

I won my boots last night along with some other goodies no longer in the chairs. Luckily I found a friend there that had just won and coerced her over to my pad for a quick picture. TYVM sweetie. This new brown suit is in the chairs now as well as some short brown slipper boots like the pink ones at the main shop. (See this post.)

After you get those great boots, you might want to TP over to Deviant Kitties and sit for this hair. There are lots to choose from with most being in the neon range color ranges. The sits are 100 minutes.

Countdown: T minus 2 :D


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