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OK. I admit it. It's been a long afternoon with not much accomplished. I've been trying to use the viewer search feature to find some good prize camping places. I decided there simply must be more than we "all" know about -- and that some of them might be great. I actually LIKE prize camping. It's sort of paying back for your gifts and that works for me.

Some of my favorite prize camping places have disappeared including Magika. Magika is still THERE (whew!) but the prize campers appear to be gone. My aim was to find some little known -- perhaps not English -- prize camping places. I did find a few, but nothing I feel excited about passing on. They were either too long a camp or nothing many of us would like. I am SURE there are still some great ones out there; I'm just not finding them.

I DID -- as you see -- finally get my Bukka Boots. Yeah! and I did find this fun paper bag head along the way. You can get your very own from *kaguya* . Find it on the wall next to some other gifts.

What DID I find with all those hours of exploring? I found that there really are some places I would rather not return (LOL) and I won $2 on a lucky chair which asked me to name the color of the chair before collecting my dinero. Interesting and presumably an anti-bot addition? I'm guessing. I found a cool photo op which you'll most likely see in an upcoming blog. The lingerie from the previous post was the only bloggable (is that a word?) discovery.

So, day is done and I am ready to take off this paper bag and go put my feet up. Love those new white chairs.

Countdown: T minus 6 :D


Terry Toland said…
Well, I think Deviant Kitties has hair camping now, and I'm not sure how much that has been promoted or people know about, despite it being a fairly well known hair place.

KonohanaSakuya -The Cherry Blossom store also has a camping chair for a beautiful kimono until March 6th, though that has hit the fashion feed form the original YABUSAKA blog twice (once originally and once for when they repaired a script).

Sorry I don't know of more. I think everyone has heard of LINE at this point. ^^;
Chic Aeon said…
I'll check out Deviant Kitties. Haven't been there lately. I blogged the kimono when it first came out. It is LOVELY. Thanks for the tips.

I think that since traffic isn't "as" important in search any longer, some owners are simply discontinuing. And that makes sense really.


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