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Mechanism -- Girl and Guy Gifts

Mechanism has three new gifts for guys and gals. They are sized for the menfolk, but are mod and shrinkable (and tintable) for gals. I've been a Mechanism fan for a very long while. I was actually one of Kobe's very first visitors at his tiny little premier shop. Things have changed and the new store is large and classy -- and when I was there earlier today, complete with a galloping horse in attendance as well as lots of fans.

The three gifts are in very classy black "free" boxes to the side of the front desk under a giant poster. They include a really nice brown and olive tee as well as a scarf and belt. (They are a little less green than in these sunset photos.) The belt leather is white so you can tint it -- assuming you have some building skills -- any color you would like. I turned it to a charcoal color here to go along with the jeans.

The jeans are group member gifts and have logos on the front and the back. Two logos on one pair of pants is a bit much for me, but the cuffs are really great and a good way to try out some of the wares featured at this upscale location. The jeans come in both guy and gal sizes and have sculpty bottoms.


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