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Accent Colors

One of my biggest thrills is to teleport to a landmark I've described in part as "photo op" and be greeted with something new. Even better when it is something wonderfully new. The excitement is rampant. Well maybe not for you -- but for me. I'm not telling where this is, but I will give a hint that the store in the vicinity has always had striking builds and has always -- as long as I've been coming anyway -- been attracted to dramatic black and white. I couldn't have stumbled upon a more perfect backdrop for this post. Happy dance.

The outfit above is the Lemania Indigo's Divine Divas group gift for this week. Taking its inspiration from the artist, Escher; it comes with sculpty skirt and shawl, black leggings, a bangle and even shoes. I opted for my new boots from Lya, complete with lace trim. So cute!

Another black and white beauty (also free) is from Ora Trei Designs. Harlequin is it's name and it carries the theme of fun and sauciness. The cute bow in back adds a playful touch and the edging finishes the bodice beautifully. Find it near the entrance on a large poster vendor.

Boots by Dilly Dolls.

Last stop on the accented neutral color scheme tour is Tasha Designs where you can pick up these shiny and sexy boots for free. A mixture of sculpties and textures they fit over knees without adding a couple of kilos. Slim is good :D. Find them near the entrance to the store in a vendor behind other versions of this same boot. The prices are a bargain, so feel free to stock up in your favorite colors.

Poses by LAP.


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