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Make Him Over - Gals Too?

I am THRILLED that there is a hunt for guys going on. I am even more pleased with the quality of designs in the hunt. It was lots of fun to go out hunting "with the guys" today. I wasn't the only lady present however. A lot of us know that menswear in real life is often made to last better than clothes for gals, so why can't those designs for men be embraced by the fairer sex. Well of course they can -- some of them anyway. Many designs are mod or resizeable with the use of scripts. After all there are plenty of Y chromosome folks that are smaller than I am - LOL.

So, here is a big thumbs up for this hunt. If you are a guy, you really need to do it. If you are a gal, you will still probably find items that will work well in your wardrobe. At least I have found some.

The luscious red shirt above is from SF Design. It comes with lots of choices, buttoned shirts, texture ties --MANY options. The collar resizes easily. The cuffs only get so much smaller without some real prim work. And if you are a fellow? Trust me. This is a sexy number, especially with the untied tie (sigh). So get over there and hunt.

The very cute hat with built in short hair (three color choices of hat and tons for hair) is from Bryce.

I want to mention that for the most part the prize vendors (an orange male or Mars symbol) were easy to find. Some were huge and some right out in the open. I got stuck once or twice in large stores, but you can check the official website and keep on moving on.

This is the Malo jacket from Ducknipple. It comes with a choice of sleeve lengths as well as collars. This is the short sleeved version with sculpted hoodie. It's a great casual look. The detailing is especially nice as well as the prim textures.

This complete outfit is from Santero. It includes all the items shown here including boots (resize scripted), sunglasses, bandanna (not girl friendly as you lose your hair :D) as well as leg tattoos, earring stud and a belt (not shown). So even if there is NO way you can get your fellow into a suit, there are still some great items to be found and stores to explore.

I, personally, liked this hunt as I don't venture into the world of men's clothing often. It was great to see such exceptional design work as well as such great gifts going out. The fellows deserve it. They get left out a lot of the time. So go forth, have fun, find new stores, take home some great stuff.

That's and order -- LOL.

Poses by LAP.


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