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MHOH Wrap Up

This is a continuation of the Make Him Over Hunt final report which started here.

Casey's Creations gets lots of points simply for making a pink girl symbol prize and displaying it prominently in the store. In effect it is the same outfit as the guy one sized down a bit *wink*, but still -- how nice. The bandanna in the women's version had an issue at least in my pack, so grab the guy prize too if you like the look. Great for the hair fair and that's coming up soon.

The outfit comes with jeans, but I preferred some plain black leggings to show off the jacket a bit more. The shoes are very nice, slightly oversized but stylishly so.

This Hunter Hat is from RGK Custom Photo Services is full of great sculpty details as well as a photo changing frame with vintage pinup girls. You can add your own photo here if you choose; instructions are included.

If simplicity is more your style, you can opt for a plain version of a similar hat from Prim and Pixel Paradise. The GorillaTude Jacket is from the Howl Howley Collection.

Poses by LAP.


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