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Hair Fair and ARC

One of the new pleasures to come out of Blogger Appreciation Week is the new fashion bloggers group. They are a chatty bunch, but I find that I am learning to enjoy that -- a good thing. So this morning's chatter turned to hair. Hair Fair 2009 opens on the 20th, hence hair is definitely on the minds of many fashionistas.

The topic concerned a new hair from Lala Moon that sells for $1400 a pack or $600 a single color. Eventually there were a small group of us there to see the new hair. So, here's my report *wink* on Scarlet Needle.

The hair is lovely in a big hair sort of way. Not only is it big, it comes in two sections. I am guessing that there are too many prims to link into one hair. While I hardly ever check my avatar rendering count, I had to admit I was curious and so I stripped down (that mean no prim eyelashes, shoes or jewelry) and did a test. I forgot my prim cuffs so taking off 38 points from the photo ...

2655 is the magic number.
This includes the demo sign floating above my head but unseen in the photo.

So, as a public service, please do NOT wear this hair AT the Hair Fair - LOL. At home works, quiet sims work, nature walks work ---- fashion shows? Nope.

You can test your hair count by turning on ARC (Advanced - Rendering - Info Displays - Avatar Rendering Cost). I checked my Arianna hair from Calico Creations and it beats the Lala Moon hair shown, so I am guilty at times of slowing down the server. That could be an Urban Legend of course - LOL. Definitely designed by men.

The good news is that not all hair is asweighty in ARC. This is one of the free hairs on the counter of Lala Moon as you come in. Very cute and possibly hat friendly, it comes in a variety of colors and keeps you in the yellow zone.

Zip on over and see what the excitement is all about, just be sure you leave your hair at home for the fair -- at least the first few days of lagiciousness. Bandannas are good. Bald works too.


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