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Designers - please note!

I'd been thinking about this a lot lately and this morning someone commented that I had given credit to the wrong designer of some jewelry. I had no reason to doubt I was in error; I corrected the blog post. But that doesn't really solve the problem.

As bloggers, we have a lot of inventory. We also (I am assuming here from my experience) collect a lot of items from here and there. Obviously giant review packs are clearly marked with landmarks and often notecards on the releases, but other times we simply don't know. Sometimes things get shuffled -- by us or the database gods.

It could be our fault surely, but that doesn't really matter. We want to give credit to the designers we admire, but with the new "unknown" field showing up so often in inspections, it has become an issue. Initials don't always help. There are too many "DM" shops *wink* for example. When all we have is two initials, it is likely our guess will be incorrect.

I realize that many designers now buy prims from other designers. Or they add scripts that blank the Creator field in Item Properties. So, if your work comes up as unknown on the properties window, help us out a bit. My suggestion would be to add store info in the description field if your whole store name isn't in the name field.

Our other option is to not wear something unless we know exactly where it came from, or simply start saying "unknown" which isn't all that friendly to the designers or the shoppers.

Just a thought.


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