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BBBC and All That Jazz


There is a Big Bad Blogger Challenge underway and I am participating - LOL. Do I know why? Nope, but it seems like a fun idea so what the hey. The first challenge is to post on our blogs each day for a week.


Did I miss the fanfare? Maybe so. Since I normally post about three times a day this isn't a challenge, but I am sure there WILL be one down the line.

A question was asked in the challenge:

How long have you been a blogger? How has it enriched your life?

I suspect that most of you just want to look at the pretty pictures and find the goodies I blog, but for the few of you that are interested, here is my answer.

My first blog post occurred on Second Life Colors less than a month after coming out of my pod into Phil's domain. I worked there for two months until SL (R) declared all "Second Life" websites and blogs as trademark infringements. In the end it seems like nothing really happened with that, but SLC closed and I started my own blog, "Chic at Phil's Place".

The title was in part from the general resentment at the time. "SL" was not a word people were using much then. Lots of folks lost time, product and money because of the turn around with the trademark criteria.

Anyway -- that is how this blog started at the beginning of April 2008. I am only a couple posts short of 800 now so I have been a busy girl.

Enrichment? That is a good question and one that is good to reflect on from time to time. I actually look at my blog as a service business. True, I don't get paid. I do get some kudos from time to time and a lot of thank you notes and that is payment enough. I love the photography. I love putting together looks, and I enjoy helping out the designers. So blogging does truly enrich my life. I try to do the best "job" I can and in the doing there is a feeling of accomplishment.

Stay tuned for the next challenge :D


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