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MHOH Finale

For the finale of my MHOH features I give you a vintage tattoo from AITUI. It comes with a giant pack of baseball tees, but for me this was the star. Now I'm not sure my model EE will agree, but I love it. Also shown here is a chunky male necklace from Goth1c0. Another prize definitely worth mentioning is the clothing set from Jungle Wear. It is exceptionally manly in a way only guys can be *wink* and while I sent EE back over there to find it, alas, he could not. So you'll have to go hunt for yourself and I hope you love it (guys only - really).

One more giant hit with all my male friends was a walk animation from Treads at Covet. There are three places to search at Covet. Exile of course is the main store, but Shine has exceptional jewelry and Treads has a great confident walk for your AO. Treads is down on the water. Look for the giant boots on the dock.


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