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Hope on the Doorstep

Tuli's new skin line Hope is on our doorsteps. It arrives Friday and you'll definitely want to try out this first of Summer offering.

From the notecard:
Hope comes in 5 skin tones (pale, fair, sunkissed, tan and dark tan) and 10 makeups per tone (natural, avenue, blush, gala, gig, kitten, sultry, summer, tequila and vivid).
Each makeup includes 4 eyebrow colors (light, redhead, brown and black).

It has been a long while since a Tuli skin looked this good on me -- last October to be exact *wink*. So, personally, I am very excited. The tones are rich and smooth and the colors are lovely. I am wearing the sunkissed tone in avenue makeup.

Those of you in the Tuli group will be getting a heads up as the debut comes closer, I'm sure. But as we all know, those big group messages sometimes flutter away in the Linden fermament, so check your group notices. If you are not a member, the join fee is $250. Those of you in the Tuli group will recognize the cute micro mini skirt group gift (NLA). My top is sadly no longer available also.

The gorgeous new hair I am wearing is from !!Calico Ingmann Creations!!. It is Arianna in light Auburn. I arrived at the shop this morning to find it had all been redone and filled with new designs. Well, new to me anyway. It had been awhile. There is a "new" section, however, so there are some that are new to everyone - LOL. Long hair seems to be the specialty although there are short styles and men's styles also.

The store layout makes it much easier to shop. Two lucky chairs are on the premises, so be sure and watch those while you are waiting for all those vendors to rez.

Poses by Torridwear and [u:ka].


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