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Crossing Over

Here's the rest of the story. See the previous post for the close up :D

Shown here are two more fun accessories and some versatile pants from the MHOH. The camo fisherman hat comes from NoaR. It comes as a regular hat as well as this one worn around the neck. So cute. I sized it down a bit and it works fine for gals. The store is fun too, so peruse while you are looking for that orange symbol.

The watch as well as the pants are part of a giant goodie bag from [SS] Design. The watch comes with a HUD which I haven't tried yet. It resizes for gals and would look great on your own personal he-man!

I am still wearing my gloves from last night and my Ventura Highway blouse from yesterday, so see previous posts on those items.

Back to work. It's supposed to be HAIR inventory day. Into the depths ....


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