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Hunting for Petals

For you die hard hunters (not us gathering types) there is a petal hunt in progress at Inga Wind Clothing. It's free and fun if you don't dip over into the frustration arena. You are looking for parts of an outfit -- actually three different outfits -- inside colorful petals of various sizes. The prizes are great; point in the "A" column. The petals numerous and not all petals give you parts of the outfit -- well let's call that the not so "A" column.

On the left you see the parts of the Cowgirl outfit I found. Now you wouldn't wear these all at once. Well, I wouldn't. I am missing glitch pants for the skirt (pants are no mod so no cheating) and a sleeve cuff. There is also a hat and some pockets but those aren't necessary. And of course I WANTED that other cuff and spent awhile looking. That is the point after all and why it is called a hunt-- LOL.

But the good news is that even though I didn't find all the parts, I still came away with some great pants and a nice white shirt. So not a loss for sure. The quality is very nice and the designs are striking.

Boots are from M'z (previously blogged).

I did better on the second outfit. I was only missing a sleeve and a shoe. And, since I knew how, I made copies and attached them to the appropriate area. Voila, an outfit. This comes with a longer skirt also and I found it.

I didn't find enough of the third outfit to show you much, sorry.

So that was my late night sortie. If you love to hunt and you like these outfits, then this hunt is for you. Go forth!

And I might just see if that cuff will work on the other arm *wink* -- well maybe tomorrow.

Hair by Tiny Bird. Poses by LAP.


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