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Reflections: Festivale

I tend to measure my time in our virtual world by changes. Each time an exciting new item comes into my life, I reflect on the old favorites that came before it. Content creators grow and improve and the landscape shifts. Sims disappear in a blink of an eye to take on a new look and sometimes a new role.

A couple of weeks ago Long Awkward Pose members received an unexpected note that Festivale was closing for a time. Just a little while. Nothing to worry about and certainly DON'T panic *wink*. Then a few days ago another note came stating that all was well and new and good -- and that the sim had been rebuilt from the ground up.

A new Festivale awaited, and while I was sad to say good-bye to my memories of the carnival and the hippie camp, the circus tents and the antique plane -- there were new vistas to explore.

The sim is still filled with old favorites as well as some new shops that I may simply have missed in my rush to get to the latest poses at the LAP store. Color still abounds but it is framed by majestic snow capped mountains and modern shopping promenades.

Some of my favorite shops are in Festivale. LAP of course with the first poses in my collection and still the record holder in number. The new store is two stories -- girls turn right and boys turn left. Well you don't HAVE to do that of course. Couples and group poses (poseballs) are upstairs.

Tiny Bird is the other anchor store. Autumn Hykova seems to have really come into her own of late. I could have simply been in a fog of course, it wouldn't be the first time -- but her new hairs are very special. I especially like the sculpty hairs. It's a big plus when you don't have to worry about standing in front of a window and watching much of your crowning glory disappear.

This new and very well received Gattina hair that I am wearing is available at the Hair Fair 2009 right now. A bit of patience will work if you don't want to fight the crowds; it and the other new Hair Fair styles will be at the Festivale store soon.

Now I simply have to tell you about this vanity table from :[MudHoney]: Designs. With only a small presence in Festivale, Mudhoney packs a huge amount of creativity in the tiny satellite shop. This dressing table is feminine surely, but this is not a "girlie" table by any means *wink*. It comes with both a "gaze at yourself" pose and a smoke break. Cigarettes -- both in a package and a wearable single -- are included.

While not prim light, the package includes both a coalesced version for easy placement and stand alone vanity, chair, flower in vase, cigarettes etc. So you can balance your desires with your prim budget. While I don't smoke in that other life, I find it relaxing after a long virtual day. And since there are neither health consequences or second hand smoke to pollute the air, my conscience is completely clear.

That's my personal tour of the new Festivale. Be sure and venture over and discover your own special stores and relaxation spots sometime soon.


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