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Romantic Mornings

Once again Belle Belle has put out a spectacular gift in the lucky boards. With a bistro set, breakfast a deux, and a lovely garden backdrop, this package is both romantic and versatile. If you are watching your prims, you can rez parts of the set as needed. And with a candle and rose as separate parts, this breakfast table can easily turn into a midnight trysting place. You could also use the dining set inside your house or skybox. It doesn't have to live in the garden.

I was particularly pleased with this set as I had just set up a patio garden at a friend's place. What a wonderful addition! Note the shade? That is from the giant October Rust tree I blogged awhile ago. It makes a perfect -- and private -- canopy for more intimate moments. And while my friend and I are not "that kind" of buddies, I did get us in one of the more romantic animations -- just so you can see :D

There are instructions for the pose balls which make things much easier. And if you like you can delete the pose balls after use and have the table without floating text, waiting for your next dining experience. You can also use your own poses with the chairs of course, but the ones provided are very nicely done with smooth animations.

The newly filled lucky boards will run for about a month and you can find them at both the main store and the fantasy store . The boards are 20 and 10 mintues so there is time to TP friends in -- and ya know they'll thank ya!

[Edit] Boards are now for group members only. Sorry I missed that change earlier. You can join the group when you TP in as the greeter always asks you :D

The cute and summery shorts set I am wearing hales from idk -- a new shop appearing on the scene last month. The separates are very nicely made with lovely finishing. I especially like the cut out bra top. And the colors are SO happy! Much fun!

Pose by Torridwear who is sadly semi-retiring. The good news is that poses are now $25.

And also in the posing department, LAP is now once again open with an all new sim I have yet to visit :D


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