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Concrete Flowers has a great set of -- well let's call them enhanced jeans, shall we? Similar to the ones with the paisley pattern, these have checks and are different colors mixed. They are free on the Make Him Over Hunt. A variety of colors come in the pack -- all on the pants layer.

Right next door at KOSH, you can find a very nice belt. One of the things so great about it is the fit. It is sculpty and not the typical oval shape. Let's face it, we really don't have oval waists -- guys or gals.

One stop, two great prizes. Can't beat that.

My friend is wearing the fun Beach Bum hair from Ali and Alli -- also from the MHOH.

As luck would have it I had a brand new matching purse from +plus. I got mine at the Creve Coeur store for one linden, but it may also be available at the other +plus stores. I added some oversized let's-make-a-statement gold earrings from CIHUAE and I was set.

I switched out of my plain tank into this serendipitously coordinating tee shirt from LoPo Designs when it arrived in my DSN dropbox this morning. I am pretty sure this was designated as guywear. Me? Who cares?

My boots are by M'z, hair by Exile - both previously blogged. Bottom poses by IZUMIYA. Top pose by VAIN.


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