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Celebrating in Bill

You may have heard that Starlust A La Mode opened last eve. I skipped the excitement for some RL R and R, but took an early morning tour and definitely liked what I found. Mostly I liked the bridge. No, not all the goodies currently ON the bridge although that's great and I'll get to those. I simply enjoyed the very HIGH bridge over the waters. I relished the feeling of really being there, the levels the landscape presented -- and the lagoon. I loved the lagoon.

While I am excited about the photo ops, I'm guessing you are most interested in the shopping and the celebratory goodies. Both are plentiful! Currently ( I have no idea for how long) there are opening gifts (mostly dollarbies in gift boxes) on the bridge. Since I have been working very hard this month to pare down my inventory, I only picked up a few. You could easily come, spend $25 or so and take the rest of the morning, afternoon or eve trying on the different delights.

The only dollarbie I purchased was from KENZIE&CO (main store SLURL). I read her post on the feed yesterday and that seemed like a good choice. The photos above are just a small sampling of the items. Lots of very nice clothes fill the tightly packed folder. You can find the vendor poster in the middle of the bridge HERE.

The sim is still very busy at the moment so be patient with the graaaaaayness. Or go have a cup of coffee while it clears. That's a plan.


Hair by Tiny Bird. Poses by LAP.


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