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Hair Fair 2009

So --- I finally made it over to Hair Fair 2009. You'll most likely be glad to know this is not a post on my favorites hairs of the fair :D. The event has been well covered and hopefully if you wanted to go, you were able to get in and do a bit of shopping. I didn't ramble or wander at the fair. While much better than reported last week, it was still slow loading even with a great ISP connection.

I'm sure there have been hundreds of post on the this year's crowning glory event, most positive and some -- not so much. I have commented on other blogs and won't go into my personal opinion here except to say we still don't seem to be learning. I am not the ARC (avatar rendering cost) police and I'm honestly not sure how well it works. I will say that going to any crowded place decked out in accessory prims is just plain dumb.

I put forth the idea of not having free stuff out for the first week of the next fair so that the real shoppers can do what they want to do -- shop. The shoe fair last year was mandated giftless and was a much more pleasant place to visit. You could actually move and see things and BUY if you wanted. The people I watched today were simply going from store to store and buying each and every free or dollarbie they could find. They were not getting samples. They were most likely not even seeing rezzed posters. So let the freebie hunters come week two or for three days -- or, well just think about it oh great coordinators :D.

I had two stops on my short list for the hair fair. And yes, I was heading for the gifts. I can shop for hair at my leisure when it gets into the various stores. My first stop was Mela's shown above. I wanted to pick up the ghettoblaster poses and they are indeed fun. There is a bonus of some hair in the box also. A good dollar spent.

Next stop, Tekeli-li who I simply adore. I wear my other gifts and purchases often so I know they have lasting power -- at least for me. Not only did I find another scripted hair (Nixie) in the gift box, there were three fun pet fish -- also scripted. Watch for them in my next underwater bikini shoot *wink*. The hair has lots of change options and I played around a bit to get this look. The good news is that the hair itself is mod so you can rename your copy to "light brown pastel pink accents" or whatever and not have to start all over again the next time you need that color. Yeah! Some scripted earrings and hair sticks are also included in the treasure chest of goodies.

That's my brief report. Enjoy the last days of the fair. You will most likely be able to get in now.


Poses by LAP.


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