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Accessories - Bright and Fun

Jewelry, purses, scarves and all those other fun things that make an outfit stand out sometimes sit in my "to be blogged" folder way too long waiting for just the right outfit. So while I am continuing on in inventory clean out mode (finally to my clothing folder -yeah) I decided to simply blog them on their own. Some are new today, some from DSN and some from hunts that are still going on. All should still be available.

The cute head scarf is from the Dissident Rock store on the MHOH. I love the print and it works well within the Olivia hair from Tiny Bird offering a girlish look to a male prize. The Kiss Me tee shirt with long undershirt hales from Thalia -- stop numba 69 on the 151 station tour. My silver leggings are from MALT.

Bright and colorful and definitely cheery, the Lostwood store has a lot of gifts as well as reasonably priced accessories. The bead bracelet is marked as today's freebie and it is a cutie, so zip on over while it is still around. Other great items that I picked up included a fun purse full of stuff (I so love "stuff") and the plain bangles I won at the Lucky Cupcake. There is a large supply of mouth attachments on the counter for a linden a piece and there are other freebies not shown here. I don't want to spoil all the fun. This is a bangle paradise so if bangles work themselves into your stylesheets, you'll probably love this store too.

Another stocked purse hales from MEZZO's Lucky board. Both animated and nonscripted versions come in the prize box. The animation is a bit choppy so your own purse AO or animation will likely be better for everyday wearing. Don't forget they have a great necklace in the other lucky board (previously blogged). The Caged Rainbow necklace comes from Mad About on the MHOH.

The scarf is one of the nushru opening prizes. Find the strawberries and get the prizes. If you haven't been prize hunting there, you can definitely come home with a ton of hunt prizes, so just look around.

The tea cup hat and color change choker are from ChaosLotus via DSN. There are two other cute 'n free bangle sets at the store as well as a lucky board. Both DSN and the bangle sets included a pose hud which acts as a pose stand ANYWHERE -- very handy and I use it often.

Jeans by WoE. Tank NLA.

Poses by LAP.


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