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Click to Win - MM

I of course keep my eyes out for Midnight Mania boards, lucky chairs and the like -- well always I guess. Yesterday while working through the MHOH train I found a MM board that was almost full. Actually I'd found quite a few, but most of the stores featured guy stuff. This was for the ladies and had only a few clicks to go.

This morning the necklace from Rhiamon's Realm arrived. Gold stars to the designer who had designated it with those "MM" letters as I'd forgotten about its possible arrival. The bottom line? It's lovely. Intricate and wonderfully made, it definitely surpassed my expectations. Woot!

There are two necklace sets up for clicking, and I'm betting you guys can get both of them. So journey over, explore and click. Lots of floors of goodies to look at while you are there.

Pose by Torridwear. Hair by Calico Creations. Top by WoE.


Rhiamon Nitely said…
Aww thanks for the blog entry! I'm so glad you liked it! It looks good on you! Unfortunately my photo in board doesn't feature it well. Now you need the cameo!

Hugs <3
Chic Aeon said…
It is very lovely and I filed it in my "premium" jewelry folder :D

And you are very welcome to use my picture in your vendor if you like. That is always an option for designers. There is an obscure note in the sidebar.

Thanks so much for making beautiful things for us.

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