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Hunting for Hope

The Hope Hunt started today. This is a RFL hunt and race and is a bit different than our typical hunts. You are looking for yellow roses and a simple touch records your find. Not all roses have gifts and stores can have from one to many. (The most I found this afternoon was a dozen.)

I started hunting at SYSY in the Sexy Second sim. I saw the store's post on a feed and that's how I heard about the hunt. The good news is that not only is there a lovely outfit in the roses (some parts in each rose) the scripting was all correct and it worked perfectly.

The other good news is that there are some lovely gifts to be found. The bikini from CIPRIA COUTURE is an example. The print is gorgeous and the design is quite different from your everyday beach wear. Works for me :D . My earrings are one of two pair from Cover Girl.


The not so good news is that scripting isn't always correct and can lead to confusion. I'm guessing this is partly do to the vendor's share of the equation as some worked as you would expect and other gave erroneous info. So, for example, You enter a place with at least six roses to be found. You can see them on the floor in front of you -- so no ESP is required. You click on a rose and it congratulates you for finding it and tells you that you have found all the roses in this location and to go to (empty URL) to find a list of more places to hunt. This happens OFTEN so be prepared.

The other plus and minus issue is that the rose messages are all in chat and not to the individual avatar. This is good if you can't find one of the yellow beauties, but see "Good Hunting Avatar" getting a message that they found rose 5 for example. Since you need to be fairly close to the roses for the click to take, you can know that the rose is near that avatar. The downside is that it gets very confusing if a lot of avatars are clicking at once.

The other issue you may have -- at least in the first day of the hunt or so -- is that it seems like not all the roses are out. I am saying that because there were a few places where tons of us got stuck and couldn't find any roses and in the meantime found a variety of the other hunt objects in the same store. It seems sort of unlikely a store owner would hide a rose SO well when they didn't hide their other prize vendors to be difficult to find.

I only scratched the surface, but this seems like it could be a good hunt if you can get used to clicking on roses that give you nothing - LOL. I'm not sure how I will fair in the long run, but you have some info now and can go off on your own.

The list of participants is in the sidebar of the hunt blog. There seem to be a fair amount of unisex and male gifts too. Yeah for the guys!

Poses by LAP.


ThomasD Felisimo said…
There have been some problems because the database for the hunt is overloaded...they never expected the massive response that they got. At the beginning of the hunt, all my roses worked, but now three of them are broken...apparently this happens if the server times out, leaving the rose waiting for an instruction that never comes. The hunt admins are working on it, and hopefully the hunt will be working as planned very soon!
Chic Aeon said…
I hope it all works out. It was a difficult weekend for sure and starting then when there were so many LL problems most likely didn't help. Some shops have greeters telling people in chat how many roses there are and that is helpful. I think the whole idea is great, but often it seems like the very simplest (buy for $0)methods are the ones that work best technically :D. Hopefully this will all work out and the hunt will be a huge success! Thanks for commenting and letting us know what was going on. I appreciate it.

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