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In the Shade

Just a quick note to highlight a great DSN gift that came in my dropbox -- yesterday I think. To be honest I almost deleted this thinking that I didn't really *need* a tree -- LOL. And then I saw where it was from and hastily opened up the tree in my apartment. Well of course that was a BAD plan as this is a BIG tree -- LOL. Luckily I have no neighbors above me. Everyone seems to prefer the upper reaches of the tower.

Anyway, this is the tree. It is of course gorgeous and might I add only seven prims with shadow. And look at the shadow! I feel cooler just sitting there. So obviously I need to find a spot for this lovely tree.

Now I bet you are wondering where the tree is from. It is from October Rust in Dusk. I discovered this sim a couple of weeks ago and instantly bookmarked it for photo shoots. In fact I took a Hair Fair 2009 contest photo there the other eve. There is so much explore, you could easily spend an hour or two with no problem.

Here is the info on the tree from the notecard:
Tree of Lasse-lanta

Inspired by Tolkien's Noldor: Lasse-lanta translates to 'Leaf-fall' a name given to the autumn or 'fading' time by the Noldor elves. Autumn's colors blaze from the ends of the branches to shadow the most hallowed (or sinful) ground. This tree represents some of my work, although most of it centers around making fine quality low-prim dwellings, with an emphasis upon dark beauty and gothic forboding. Please visit my display sim to see more of my buildings and trees.
If you are interested in the prefabs -- and they are impressive, the best way to see them is simply to wander or fly. You'll need a bit of rez time patience, but it's worth it. Don't miss the graveyard. That's my favorite so far.

Chic out!

Pose is Emo-Lies All Lies from one of LAP's new collections. The Festivale sim is closed for a few days for a rebuild so don't journey over now :D


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