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Silentsparrow Revisited

One of my very first outfits when I arrived in SL(R) was from a Silentparrow lucky chair. I have no recollection how I found said chair -- maybe the fashion feed. That would be appropriate now :D. I do know that my second post on Second Life Colors was in a Silentsparrow outfit. We definitely have a history.

I have a closet full of lovely things from the shop, but I hadn't visited in -- well ages it seems. So when a DSN sample called bunting showed up on my doorstep this morning, it was an excellent reason to head over and see what had changed.

And a lot had changed. The store was much bigger, there were vintage steam punk type shops all around, lovely train tracks, great photo ops and SNOW. So, I was not only enthralled with the outfit which as I expected was lovely, I was mesmerized by the landscape. That's not a new thing for me at Silentsparrow; it has always been a photographer's dream place whatever style it takes on.

The details of the outfit (suite) are of course lovingly drawn. Layer choices are smart and workable and there are plenty of options. Color choices are still unique and inspiring.

From the notecard:

~silentsparrow~ presents an eclectic mix of Gothic and Neo-Victorian apparel, often straying into vintage and historically inspired designs. Influenced by the dark and often by the whimsical, as well, with a strong love of rich brocades and unexpected colors. We specialize in suits for the dapper gent or the androgynous lady. Always illustrated by hand and overflowing with almost obsessive details.

It was fun to revisit Silentsparrow and I will no doubt be back to peruse the shops and photograph the landscape. I followed the train tracks far and wide and ended up at Calico Ingmann Creations which is appropriate as that is the home of this lovely hair. I didn't notice the snow when I was there the other day. I did note the outdoor kitchen and dining area. A girls just gotta keep track of her photo ops.

Shoes by Dilly Dolls, poses by LAP.


I'm so glad you enjoyed the build. J and I are huge fans of winter. So the last rebuild we decided to hold on to our favorite season year round. Also the quiet solitude of winter is nice to live in. thanks for a lovely post! ~hya

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