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Summer Props

[kusshon] furniture & interieur has a great summer gift out. Use it as furniture or as a prop, this one prim picnic table sits five people and remembers the seating adjustments for the last 50 people. The textures are lovely and it comes with a separate shadow, picnic basket of goodies, table cloth and wine bottle -- all low prim. As you might expect, there are lots of great things at this shop so wander a bit. You might find a few things you can't live without. I am sitting in the shadow of my October Rust tree here. So pretty.

If you journeyed over to CMTK Fashion and Design yesterday to pick up the suitcase, you may have noticed a TON of free motorcycles in the store. I didn't try them out for rideability, but they certainly work well as a prop. The pose shown in the top photo is from a new pose gift pack from Behavior Body at Baiastice. While some of the poses are great, quite a few need pose balls in order to work properly. I'm guessing not all of you know how to make a pose ball and so I made a full perm free to copy one and placed it on Benicia's plot of land. I'll leave it there for a week or so or until I remember to take it up - LOL.

Instructions for adding pose to pose ball.
Rez pose ball. Right click on pose ball and choose EDIT. Click on the Content tab. You will see a script listed. Drag the pose of your choice from your inventory into that same window as the script. With the pose ball still in edit mode, jump on and rotate and adjust height from ground as needed. Rename the pose ball to whatever pose you are using or something appropriate such as "ground sit leaning back". If you want to go into the script you can add floating text to the ball. Take the pose ball back into inventory and use when needed.

The necklace I am wearing came from a lucky board at :MEZZO. I was actually waiting on the very cute purse there. So far I am purseless, but I won the necklace pack three times. And I am glad I did. You get this color as well as a black version in the prize. This is a fun shop with a variety of goodies that you simply must have.

Orange tank from the WoE lucky chair. Midnight jeans from WoE also :D


tubaki kohime said…

I am a camellia of ++CMTK++

Thank you for the introduction of the shop❤
Chic Aeon said…
You are very welcome. Thanks for the lovely gifts :D

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