Lovin' Lilac

The blogger groups are all atitter about Hair Fair. We can't wait, as always. I think this will be my fifth Hair Fair. I remember the themes of four others. And as I was checking those facts, look what I found!!!!!    Oh my! Have things improved over the years.  You will recognize some of the names in that post. Great to see longevity.

One of the most fun parts of Hair Fair for me is checking out the gifts. They are often wild and wackie, a time when creators get to have fun just for the sake of fun. This Bliensen + MaiTai  Darjeeling Hair comes along with a selection of colorful earrings.

My Bubble Dress (standard sizing) hales from Tausenschoen (formerly Ibizarre), a new release that comes in a variety of colors. The shop is extremely cute and fun to explore. One of my favorite parts of this mesh dress (well besides the fact that it fits me -- and OK I still need larger breasts, but don't tell) is the texture under-layer that forms a racerback tank "under" the mesh dress. So clever!  There are lace trimmed leggings which would be excellent for colder weather and they are FREE at the shop. We like free. So stop over and check out the goodies.

There are of course more regular release from Bliensen + Mai Tai, many with built in hair jewelry. They are unrigged and resizable mesh. This is Curl Up which comes in a variety of colors.

Poses by: Everglow