Memories in High Contrast

This morning I logged on to find a note from a PTB (Powers That Be) to be sure and get over to the opening of Lollito Larkham's Souvenirs De Voyages at LEA6. I had every intention of journeying over, the title of the exhibit was enticing enough. I didn't realize that the opening was at 6 AM however. And 6 AM for me is SIX AM! :D. So here it is at 8 PM and I am finally there. With plenty to explore I will definitely be returning.

The door behind me is not a door. How could that be? It looks like a door. It should be a door. But I can already see a possible purpose and theme to it not BEING a door *wink*.

My oh-I-so-love-it Metro Nouveau outfit is a new release from Gwen Carillon Designs, and while I was very very fond of my latex overalls, I think this release will move to the top of the reader board. The pants are mesh and seemed to be sized a bit larger than "standard". All things are relative of course but I am in a XXS when I usually where and S or M.  The sculpt top is fantastic and has a resize script for easy fitting. There is a texture underlayer to hide things you want hidden *wink*.

You can wear the pants without the belt-sash; in fact I didn't realize there WAS a belt-sash until I went to the shop and noticed the vendor photo up close and personal. The sash is very handy as it let's you hid any imperfections between the pants and your normal shape.

This is a very good set for mix and match. You could easily use the top alone, or the sash or the pants. So good values there. I love the print of the pants.

My striking hair is ::Exile's:: Groove Theory ( Rust ). This was my winner's choice for the Hair Fair Photo contest. While not the newest of the new, I had been admiring it for some time. So there was no procrastinating when I went to the shop to choose my prize. Woot!

Later note: And as I was putting together an outfit I noted that there is a texture pants option for none-mesh folks or anyone with fitting issues. So yay to that! 

Poses by: EveryGlow