Pirate Hunt 2

Tall ships, pirates and damsels in distress, the things romance novels are made of. The Pirate Hunt 2 ($1) started at midnight. I won't be doing this whole hunt, but I wanted to show you a few things I picked up. That handsome guy in the photo is me naturally in the prize shape from $10 Shapes. I love this shape and there is one for the gals too of course!  The necklace comes from Dressed by Lexi. There is an intricate version for the gals but it is small and no mod and no resize so it won't be fitting that many of us. This one works great for both sexes.

There are plenty of pirate costumes to choose from in this hunt. I chose a modern version by NMD. A skully tank comes with the prize and there is a version sized for gals.

My backdrop is a full prop set weighing in at about 200 prims from Madpea.

My hair is a new Hair Fair release from Amacci for gals *wink*. See yesterday's post for details. 

Poses by: Diesel Works and LAP (nla)