Taking a Break

Yesterday was a busy one and today, while less hectic, was filled with shopping. Still it's good to rest after all that "work". This is the Lawn Chair [Love] which comes in both pink (shown) and red. There is a guitar to rez against the chair and one that appears magically if you choose the guitar playing animation from the list of ten. This relaxing combo from Sway's can be purchased at the ONE VOICE benefit.

I spent much of today shopping -- an unusual sport for me, but I had a great time. Who knew that winning the Hair Fair Photo Contest would bring such a bounty of goods? Not only hair from many great stores, but gift cards, credits and the like from shops that sell more than just hair. Oh my!  So NEXT year, you guys get those photos in so you can win.

One of my stops today was DCNY where I chose this keyhole top in Cerise. Actually I chose the whole fatpack, I liked them so well. When mesh fits it is a glorious thing! My Pleather leggings are also from DCNY. 

Lots of the stores on my shop awards list were well-known to me. In fact a few were some that I blog for, hence I have most all of the goodies already :D. But there are also plenty of stores that I hadn't discovered until now and that is lots of fun.

This Telephone hair is from [ploom], a new to me shop. I had a great time trying on hair and even got a vintage pose along the way. What does a gal with a newly svelte (cut in half from 40,000) but very impressive inventory look for when presented with gift certificates?  Something she doesn't have of course; something different. At [ploom] that meant a sophisticated punk style hair as well as this one wrapped around coke cans. Now I had a similar "do" from a few years back, but I really liked the one-sided nature to this style. There is another based on beer cans which is also fun.

Thus chronicles a small part of today's adventures. More newness is on the horizon.

Pose by: the chair and aDORKable