Country FREEdom

This morning's post is filled with easy freeness. No hunting required. My outfit started with these jeans that mysteriously appeared in my inventory. No, not review copies; I had to do a bit of sleuthing but found the answer. They are a welcome gift from Charltina's, one of the stops that was not ready on the Sinister Steampunk Hunt. Just TP in and accept the gift. It doesn't get much easier than that. These are unisex and there is a long sleeved maroon top that comes with the set. I am in summer mode, so you know what that means -- I went shopping.

The term shopping might not be terribly correct as my goal was to spend nothing and complete an outfit. I zipped over to sf design where I found these great sandals (toes included and hud of course). Find the size for gals in the store for the ladies and the large size in the store for gents. Well you KNEW that I bet!  These are especially nice as they are in basic black. If you find they are perfect for you, I spied a group gift (fee) vendor with many color options right by this free gift.

This MP4 armband comes complete with complex color changing hud. Get it free from NCparis Design on the Marketplace.

An hour or so perusing The Marketplace also garnered the cute tank from VOOM. Completing my look is this free hair with band from EdelStore.

This fun play pony arrived in my in-basket this morning, a group gift from -Hanaya-  Yummy Collectibles & Art Gallery. The My Little Horsie set is a fun prop and comes coalesce as you see as well as in parts with a wearable saddle -- for riding that camel I picked up in the Silk Road hunt? Well maybe.

There  are three poses to choose from.

Click for a larger photo. 

Pose by: WetCat and the horse