Sun and Sand

Is it a beautiful, sunny day in your world? Well it certainly can be in your virtual one with this new gift from Anymore and the minimalist home from  Trompe Loeil at COLLABOR88.

Find the shirt prominently displayed in the middle of the shop. As you can see, it didn't fit "me" and so Average Amy is standing in. I really WISH it fit me, but alas. I don't know much about rigging mesh but I have noted that some garments -- obviously made from a mesh "sculpt" (again, I know almost nothing) fit while others do not. Hence, I am guessing that it has something to do with the height of the avatar they are rigged on. So complex. I'll just stick to my simpler world. Anyway, very cute top!

The house is made primarily of glass, is very sleek and modern and comes with it own endless desert surround. You could use the house and surround together of course, but if you don't have a 64 x 64 lot, you could still use the house which fits easily on a 512. The surround is 2 prims and the house with couch and fireplace is 55. There is a pool you can float in and a bookcase filled with tastefully neutral books.

I really like this. It has a surreal feeling, definitely out of time and place.

And if you aren't in the market for a new home, choose from some comfy furniture. This puffy couch weighs in at an amazing four prims and comes stocked full of adjustable animations. Other designs are available including a really nice pool recliner that would look superb by the pool.

And now I am heading over to COLLABOR88 as the crowds seem a bit less this morning.

Poses by: LAP (nla)