New releases by Vanity Hair and Eclectica have a timeless appeal.

The hair is Cantaloupe. Available in a wide variety of colors it is a posh to the max twisted and curled updo that is perfect for the Upper East Side.

The new Nouveau Leaves sets are releases for this year's Vintage Fair being held from August 4th to the 29th. Easy to personalize to fit your outfit, the design echos those of a century ago. Undoubtedly this has been passed down through the generations.

From the notecard:
There are 11 base metal textures; platinum,silver, pewter, black, pale gold, gold, dark gold, pale rose gold, dark rose gold. purple and verdigris. Plus colour-picker options to allow you to fine control the look. Shininess can be added via HUD or menu.

The inlaid glass textures have also 11 choices; red, coral, yellow, jade, olive, turquoise, blue, ink, lilac, white and black. Plus almost unlimited control over tinting.
Ring, bracelet, barrette, tiara and brooch are also available.

My color coordinating eyeshadow is from KOSH on the Makeup and Tattoo Hunt, just one choice in a large selections of colors.

Pose by: Diesel Works