It has been a tough morning for me. I won't "complain" about it much, but I will tell you to postpone going on the Sinister Steam Hunt for now. Enough said.

I was really, really, REALLY in need of some virtual (and RL) relaxation. Happily I remembered that I had a brand new, simply MUST be relaxing pool in my inventory. Just out from Trompe Loeil for FAMESHED, it is oh so pretty and very calming. The fireplace flickers gently, the pool waters flow over the steps from the spa into the pool.

There are various animations included with adjustment of course, some for couples as well as single folks. The set weighs in at 88 land impact and will fit on a 512. That means you can add a few other outdoor items like this firepit and coordinating lantern (in the back on the seat). I zipped over to my house and grabbed those as I knew they would look great.

Feeling better, I am heading off to lunch and taking the rest of the day off. I might just put this lovely relaxation inducer out on my plot overlooking the bay. Time for a change and it is summer for some folks. I'll think on that.

Oh, the pool with patio comes in either gray or brown. This is actually the gray with some rosy Windlight setting. The floating lilypads are separate so you can add more (15 land impact) or take away as your prims and design dictate.

Yes, my swimsuit is lovely but also very old and no longer available, sorry. 

I couldn't resist. Here is the pool and patio along with my staple outdoor items and trees on my 512 lot. I gave up the lilies and fish in favor of box rezzing prims. I have 17. VERY pretty!

Click for a larger photo.