Hair Fair is the next big event for me. I am really excited to see the build this year and of course all the new hair.  My VIP status won't get me in ahead of the other bloggers it seems *wink*, but that's OK with me. We will each see the event through different eyes.

EMO-tions has something special for Hair Fair -- two in one changeable hair. Go from messy bun to long, I just got out of bed, flowing locks. Some have with and without bangs changes. I didn't try them all on; it's very early in my world and I'll be heading back to bed soon. I just picked what appeared to be my favorite of the bunch.

Now getting two hairstyles instead of one is a deal for sure, but the really fun part comes when you click the menu to change. An animation plays and you restyle your hair. No brush; just fingers -- and I can relate to that. Combs don't see my tresses all that often in real life.

So be sure and try out some of the demos on the 14th. EMO-tion hair was featured in two of the top three winning photos by the way *wink*.

Counting down the hours; two days for most of you - one day for bloggers and photo winners. Don't forget to deprim and descript. Turning down your draw distance and graphics settings will help with the lagfest.

Poses by: Vista Animations