The Rebel's Playground - Take 2

Find the tricycle; get the prizes. It isn't always easy *wink*.  That's The Rebel's Playground Hunt.

In the tough girl category, find this complete set from Bubblez Design. Hat and hair come with the outfit; open road the theme with accessories made of tires. If you love rips and tatters, this one is for you.

It's dangerous out there on the city streets. If you get in a fight you might end up battered and bruised. These bloody bandages can lend a bit of authenticity to your role play endeavors. Find them at Mulholland, the location of my photo shoot.

This medicine kit might come in handy also. Nicely detailed, it is the prize from bitter vanilla.

Be sure and check the website for the few hints available. Without some of those I would never have found things. There were places where I simply gave up even though a prize was supposed to be out *wink*. So you might find even more great things.

See the previous post for info on skin and eyes. 

Part three coming up soon.

Poses by: LAP (nla)